Transit Routes to the Mercy Centre at Tauron Arena Krakow Download Map


Kraków Public Transit

The WYD Pilgrim ID entitles pilgrims to use all public transportation means within the city of Krakow free of additional charge, including from your accommodations to central events. However, the length of time that your Pilgrim ID is valid on public transportation depends on which Pilgrim Package you have purchased. For example: level A1 will be accepted from July 25th - August 1 st , 2016 while the level C package applies only to Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st.

During WYD, the City of Krakow will arrange special (additional) lines of public transport for the main events (Blonia, Shrine of Divine Mercy, Campus Misericordiae). The K of C Mercy Centre is located between two well-connected traffic arteries of Krakow, making it easy for pilgrims to arrive on time to our venue. Moreover, in addition to the regular lines - between July 26th and 29 th , extra tram lines (T1 and T2) will be in operation, providing stops approximately 300 m from Tauron Arena Krakow.

Regular lines of transport with stops near Mercy Centre

BUSES: Lines 128, 662
TRAMS: Lines 1, 14, 22, 62

Public Transit Mobile App

We also recommend the mobile app, which will be updated with the newest information about public transportation during WYD Krakow 2016. Timetables for Krakow public transport can also be viewed here:

Please Note: Unregistered pilgrims must buy cards or tickets to use public transportation at standard prices!


Maps of the Arena

All Levels (Ground, A, B)

Ground Level

Level A

Level B


Arena Food Venues

On LEVEL A there are 8 food stations opening at 11:00am

On LEVEL B there are 2 restaurants, 2 conference rooms serving food and 2 food stations open daily from 12:30 - 3:00pm

On the GROUND LEVEL there will be food venues outside serving food beginning at 11:00am

On the PLAZA LEVEL there is a restaurant serving food beginning at 12:30pm

Vouchers, cash and credit cards are accepted at all arena food venues with the exception of the 2 restaurants on LEVEL B where only cash and credit cards are accepted

Available food items will include: hot dogs, egg salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, ham sandwiches, chips, popcorn, candy bars, drinks, etc. A Polish dish will also be offered each day.